Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2-9-10 Race Postponed 2-11-10

Due to too much (insert groaning sound here) snow falling too close to race night and the potential for afternoon windy conditions the grooming can not be assured and so we are postponing tonight's race until Thursday night. 7pm.


The most people we have ever had show up for the tt series is 30, and the New Year Mass Start had 36, so with 2 days notice and a damn near guarantee that a race will in fact happen lets see if we can beat that total. Clear your calendar, adjust your schedule, hire a babysitter if you have to - come race on Thursday night!


  1. I think the real concern is the skate skiers will
    get beat by the always disadvantaged classic skiers!
    Just kidding. Not really

  2. everyone should show up and race tonight. it will be unofficial and unsanctioned and a lot of fun.