Sunday, February 28, 2010

Herkabeiner Results

Whatta day for a ski race! 19 people at the start of the 1st Herkabeiner.
Impressive for the day after the Birkie.
8 laps of 3k each played out like this:

1st: Jason Beerends 1:18:33 skate
2nd: Guillaume Girard 1:21:30
3rd: Finn Kolsrud 1:22:10
4th: Kevin McConnell 1:25:40 :)
5th: Tom Scholz 1:25:51
6th: Grant Hedley 1:28:00
7th: Norbert Koenigsfeld 1:31:25
8th: Brent DeGeus 1:32:48
9th: Jim Troepkea 1:33:09
10th: Jack Piper 1:33:37
11th: Megan DeGeus 1:33:54
12th: Ryan Nenninger 1:35:20
13th: Katie Ouellette 1:36:20
14th: Brett Griggs 1:36:30 (and he groomed the trail last night!)
15th: Jack Noble 1:41:00
16th: Doug Bottorf 1:47:30
17th: Kyle Williams 1:51:56 18th: Robin Williams 1:51:56
19th: C.T. Kruekeberg 2:08:30 classic
Everyone skated but for the mighty C.T. We took in $87 more in donations for that new grooming sled and it was great that people brought out gatorade, muffins, Pop Tarts, orange segments, etc.
I got as many pictures of you all as I could, but with handing out the drinks, keeping track of the laps (sorry Jack!), ringing the cowbell, and getting the finish times (sorry again, Jack!) I did not get a good picture of everyone. I tried...

Thanks to ATLAS for the free drink cards and 30th Century Bicycle for additional prizes. That wraps up ski racing organizing for me for this year. If anybody wants to have more they have to organize, because I am out. It was fun, thanks to everyone who came out for the events and all the behind the scenes folks!


  1. I really enjoyed the race. Thanks for putting it on Steve!

  2. I second that comment. Kudos Steve.

  3. Awww shucks...

    If we keep this up in 20 years or so we might have raised enough funds to have a warming hut out there and lights all the way around. PLUS a new groomin' sled.

    Thanks, again, for coming out everyone!