Monday, December 14, 2009

The Saddest News. Ever.

While we have all been busy waxing our skis and carbo loading for the first Iowa City ski race of the year the weather has been busy wreaking havoc on our finely groomed course at Ashton.
So, we are going to postpone the first event until conditions improve. Sorry. This is skiing in Iowa, get used to it. If you want, and I highly recommend it, move North. Or, go out tomorrow night anyway and ski two loops. Time yourself, email your time to me and I will post results here.

Last year we had to postpone the first one, too, and things still turned out alright, this year we are starting a month earlier, so we will get there. We are going to switch to a Tuesday or Thursday format, in an effort to have more options to get some racing in, so don't let this get you down, troopers!


  1. Maybe JMac will show up at one of the ski races since he talks more about cross country skiing than bike racing in this wonderful article:



  2. is the race happening tomorrow? the conditions are, like, perfect.


  3. Sorry Finn, feel free to drop me the next time we ski as punishment. I won't mind...