Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Skinny On The Ski Races

Anticipation is high, ski racing is nigh!

Well, maybe, we will make a call after the weekend, but we are hopeful with the snow we have and the weather forecast we can start next Tuesday, Dec 15th.

In general, this is how things will go.

Tuesday nights, Ashton Cross Country Course, 7 pm start this year to ease the rush of the many bike shop employees that come to race / volunteer.

Two loops, pick your technique, paired starts.

You must sign a waiver!

Headlamps highly recommended!

No entry fees, but there will be a donation box, all proceeds go to keep the grooming sleds tuned and fueled.

Modest prizing, Geoff's kicked in some great schwaggy goodness last year, I will make some trophies, plaques, somethings again, too.

If the course gets hit by a sunspot or that rascally groundhog with the flamethrowing tank or super windy sub zero temps? We will cancel by noon of the race day on this here weblog, so keep checking.

All in all, this is not some big high stakes event like a Two Bee pie race so keep your expectations low and your heart rate high and lets ski! Not sure how many events there will be, but last year we missed out on some good skiing by waiting too long to start so this year we are going to barrel out the gate and just see how it goes.

Questions, suggestions, big cash dollar prize donations? email me!
geepickle (at) gmail (dot) com

1 comment:

  1. Hey 30 Cent!

    Ski racing this Tuesday? That is so phat, so dope, so raw, so ridiculous...that it is Moby-Dickulous.

    I can't wait.