Friday, January 1, 2010

Mass Start Mania!

Today the 2010 Iowa City Ski Race Season double poled off the line and straight into the wind. Fine snow conditions, really cold temps, and a sizeable field (for 2 days notice, even) made the day a total success. Finn Kolsrud busted out the fancy pants and showed how skate skiing is done, narrowly holding off the indefatigable Brian Eppen and his slick as flourocarbon glide wax classic technique for the outright win and the 72 slices of American Cheese!

Brian and all the classic skiers may have skied further (farther? Scanlon, a little help please, sir!) but that is one for ski race historians of the future to debate, not for a mild mannered ski blog writer to contemplate.

Full results are posted here.

Hope the Tuesday tt series can get going soon, keep yer tips crossed!

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