Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Race Report

Well at least 2 of our steady Iowa City ski-folk brushed aside the "sanctioned" cancellation last night. Anyone else have results they should like to share? Thanks Sean!

Hi Steve and fellow skiers,

Well, there was a race tonight. The race was unsanctioned, unfair, and unfreakinbelievable! We two (Finn and Sean) held a screaming time trial smack-down.

I can see why the race was cancelled: it was too fast.

Finn talked me into doing the time trial, but then I upped the ante: new time trial distance: 4 laps. Either 4 laps or nothing.


I was not feeling good, I didn't get enough sleep last night, I didn't stretch, I am worried about my students, I skied with my heavy training poles, and my hat was askew: those are all the excuses I could muster.

4 laps
Sean: 39:56 (9:32, 19:40, 29:57, 39:56)
Finn: 36:55

Overall Podium:
1st: Finn K
2nd: Sean S

40+ Podium:
1st: Sean S

20+ Podium:
1st Finn K

Tonight was the fasted conditions I've ever seen at Ashton.




  1. Resultd from Kim and I. Sat, Jan 16. 17.5 laps, 54k Classic (Birkie distance)
    Brian 2:59:40
    Kim 3:33:48

  2. Hey Sean,The 2010 Iowa Games X-Country races are this Saturday in Dubuque at the Mines of Spain Recreation Area.The snow has held up pretty well.We have seperate coarses for the classic and skate.We hope we can get a bunch of you guys here and keep the sport alive and breathing! 888.777.8881