Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TT Results 1-12-10

A great night for ski racing and spectation! I brought my camera but in all the fuss forgot about it. Oops. Thirty skiers! No doubt lured by the very nice hand crafted trophies up for grabs? To the numbers, then:

Place - Name - Overall Time - Method

1 Erik Lei 19:10 (skate)
2 Gardar Signrrosen 19:12 (skate)
3 John Stanick 19:27 (skate)
4 Paul Denninger 19:30 (skate)
5 Jason Beerends 19:45 (skate)
6 Finn Kolsrud 19:45 (skate)
7 Wayne Fett 20:20 (skate)
8 Todd Gillihan 20:21 (skate)
9 Brian Eppen 20:25 (classic) (1st- m - classic)
10 Sean Scanlon 21:15 (skate)
11 Kevin McConnell 21:54 (skate)
12 Brian Abbott 21:56 (skate)
13 Jim Trepka 21:59 (skate)
14 Brent Degeus 23:27 (skate) WAX!
15 Charlie Ritter 23:40 (skate)
16 Jeff Barnes 23:52 (classic)
17 Cara Hamann 25:09 (skate) (1st-f-skate)
18 David Bartells 25:27 (skate)
19 Jean Gilpin 25:52 (skate) WAX!
20 Steve Dodge 26:04 (skate)
21 Cable Grey 27:28 (skate) WAX!
22 Kim Eppen 28:03 (classic) (1st-f-classic)
23 Grant Headley 28:20 (classic)
24 Doug Bottorf 28:24 (skate) WAX!
25 Paul Sueppel 29:28 (classic)
26 Nick Ski 30:51 (classic)
27 Sandy Kessler 31:26 (skate)
28 CT Kruckeberg 33:12 (classic)
29 Kyle Williams 37:18 (classic)
30 Robin Williams 37:52 (classic)

if you wish to protest these results, good luck with that, & sorry for any and all spellings gone awry

Huge thanks to all who came out to race, and to Brett for running the synchros, (and doing the grooming). The cash donation box was overflowing with goodwill, between the mass start race and tonight's tt $313 has been raised to keep the groomers grooving! If you see a WAX! next to your time above you won one of the Geoff's ski tunes, you can pick it up at the shop. And Erik, you left before collecting your very nice handcrafted trophy, you can pick it up at 30th Century Bicycle, or maybe at another race?

Hope we get to do it again next week!

There were some Pearl Izumi Lobster gloves picked up in the parking lot, if they are yours they are at Geoffs!

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